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Living on the Altar is the ministry project that God has placed in our hearts. We want to reach people for the kingdom of God and encourage them to be a living sacrifice. Once we receive the precious gift of forgiveness, we are called to live in a way that is worthy of Jesus's sacrifice. We are called to not conform to this world but to offer ourselves, every aspect of our life, as a living sacrifice to God. And that is our prayer for you! We want you to experience the blessing of living a life that glorifies God in every season and in all the areas of your life. We want you to live on the altar and be the living sacrifice that God wants you to be!

-Matthew and Lina Cole


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Heart Meets Mind Podcast

On our podcast, we unpack academic and research-minded thoughts about Christianity, the church, worship, and other cultural issues that involve the day to day life of the believer.  The research and sources behind these episodes can be found in our "Heart Meets Mind" page.

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Read. Pray. Live.

is a Christian blog where you will find devotionals and Bible studies that will challenge you to live a life that is worthy of your calling. The purpose of this space is for you to read God's word, pray for Him to guide your life, and then live out what you have learned.

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Scripture & Home

This is our online shop where you will find digital prints of Scripture and Worship quotes that will fill your house with uplifting and nurturing thoughts and truths.

The digital prints are offered in various sizes and are available instantly after purchase.

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